DIOR EYES | Virtual Reality for fashionists

How virtual reality is changing the way we see fashion?

Since Apple unified the concepts of fashion and technology in the same phrase, the relationship of these two ideas has narrowed to the point of fusing together, opening the way of a new concept: FashTech. And it looks like the principal technological promoter are fashion firms. They first flirted with technology designing complements for every type of tech gadgets, like smartphone cases, to then turn into authentic technical geeks. Because technology is changing, our way of communicating fashion must adapt to change. Fashion is ‘trendy’.

Retail, that is constantly looking for tools to adapt itself to new consumer’s needs, has found a magnificent opportunity in virtual reality glasses. Without any doubt this is a new way of experiencing and living fashion in the point of sale. The last ones to join this virtual experience have been the French luxury firm DIOR.

DIOR EYES is the name of the first virtual reality helmet in the world that integrates sound taped in 360º and high definition images. This gadget allows clients to live a unique experience, including attending a fashion show that starts in the month of June in selected brand boutiques. From sitting in front row to walking through backstage of a fashion show, this is an immersive experience that cannot compare to any webcam.

With the arrival of Virtual Reality to fashion, we leave in the storehouse of memory the live streaming of the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show that caused so much frenzy in 2010. With similar purposes, Topshop allowed 5 privileged clients to live a virtual experience at the London Fashion Week in 2014.


This 3D virtual reality helmet, designed in black and with the Dior letters, has a high-density screen (515dpi), which offers an image resolution of 2k with a visual field close to 100%. That is to say that you would be able to see the same as if you were there. ‘Dior Eyes’ is complemented with holophonic sound and taped live in 360º, all thanks to a binaural microphone that recreates the sensation of surround sound that follows the movement of the person wearing the helmet. So that the immersion in the atmosphere and the show promises to be intense, putting whoever is wearing the helmet at the heart of the action.

 Photo | Slider, Dior Eyes

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