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Why fashion industry needs the technology? #DFlondon response…

Decoded Fashion London Summit is an event that is all about building the bridge between Fashion and Technology. A summit where discover the most disruptive technologies from around the world impacting fashion today.

For this reason, the organization would not lose the opportunity to having partner companies like Wide Eyes Technologies and our proposed fashion visual search technology.

Of all the questions thrashed out at the last Decoded Fashion London Summit, there’s one that has been particularly sticky – is the way in which brands and retailers use technology now, going to make or break their future business?

From All Saints and Topshop to BirchBox, River Island, Net-A-Porter, Amazon and ASOS, all the major players, whatever their overarching goals, are currently brainstorming around the very same topic. And it’s an important one.

Though sales across both the luxury and high street markets might still be done in bulk at bricks and mortar stores, statistics prove that the tides aren’t just turning – they’re tidal waving. And at a faster rate than ever expected, with online sales for some companies now coming close the to half-way mark of overall revenue. But in an increasingly digital age where fashion inspiration comes from blogs and Instagram, beauty advice from YouTube videos, and buying a coffee via contactless is far quicker than any online retail transaction could currently hope to be, speakers at the Decoded Fashion London Summit all agree that brands need to be open to technology in two crucial ways.

Firstly, the functionalities they can harness now, to immediately gain traction and insight into their evolving customer base, and secondly, the innovative tech tools which can be invested in to ensure future growth.

The fashion industry needs the technology. Inclusive British-based fashion designer, Hussein Chalayan, a key speaker at the event, said that “In fashion everything has been done… via tech you can truly do new things”.

Technology is a phenomenon that continues to change and shape the world. Visual search technology is ready to change the rules for eCommerce’s and mCommerce’s. It’s not only a searcher, is a new way to find and buy fashion items forever. It’s visual shopping, the new shopping experience. Customers wants an effective searcher, they needs a fashion visual search.

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