Is Visual Search ready to revolutionise retail?

Can visual search technology turn online shopping into a real shopping experience? Can visual search really help consumers?

Consumers shop what they see, not what they read or think. They want to ‘shop by image’. We agree then that buyers need a new approach to purchasing. Retailers, consumers need VISUAL SEARCH. Why?

Consider a real case for consumer experience. Imagine that you’re surfing on an eCommerce and love these yellow sandals in the photo, but your size is not available or you prefer less heel (as example). Why not try to find a similar model? Definitely it would be easier if in the “You might also like” area you would find really visual similar sandals and not totally different ones, as it happens in the image, wouldn’t it?

Fashion-Search_eCommerce_Find-Similar_Wide-Eyes-TechnologiesProbably, if you have to manually find a similar item, and surf through many different pages, you would quit after a while.

At the end, is all about time, and specifically about quality time. The golden rule: “Less searching time, more shopping time”. Nobody wants to go through vast libraries of products to find what they are looking for. This is where visual search comes in, by executing basic search tasks that are immensely helpful for consumers. By that, Wide Eyes’ visual search technology means helping consumers find more relevant results based on visual rather than textual terms.

The new customers are online shopping experts, who decide through what and where to shop. Showrooming is for them a rule of shopping. Therefore, Visual Search is not only a cool enhancement for customers but also a Conversion Rate booster for retailers. Visual Search is about selling more and better.

If we get back to the sandals in the initial paragraph, what would you prefer to buy if it were your case? The ones that are shown in the image or maybe a similar ones to your preferred? Probably you would elect “your ideal sandals” because in the “You might also like” area you would find other really similar items, and perhaps even pay less for them. Even reducing the AOV, sometimes, this is better than finding your customer leaving to shop into other competitors site.

Fashion is a dominant market for visual search technology. Consumers want what they see, in shop, street, press, blogs, social networks… anywhere. Why not to start to search by image or a snap photo?

As you’ve seen in this video, visual search increases online sales and enhance customer experience.

Visual Search, is also about inspiration. And this can happen any time at every place, the omni-channel experience that so many are aiming for.

Addressing this point, Wide Eyes Technologies is launching VisualCam, a plug&play system to implement visual search technologies in any eCommerce in less than 5 minutes without the need to develop and invest in an app.

Now, it’s time to change the rules. #BeVisualMyFriend


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