mCommerce, the fashion retailers’ challenge

The mobile is the most important entrance door for online business

Retail’s parameters are changing, and they will continue to change at an increasing rate. The growth and adoption of digital technologies and mobile have brought with them a structural change in people’s everyday life, which has transformed retailers’ panorama.

The mobile stops being a simple device to turn into one of the main inventions in the 21st century and, possibly, the biggest tendency that impacts directly in the fashion industry. And it is that the mobile is, today, the most important entrance door for online businesses.

Mobile Search increases conversion rates and basket size


The searches through mobile have more buying intentions than online searches. Consumers use their devices, in the point of sale or anywhere else, to look for additional information about the product, consult other consumers’ opinions and experiences, to compare with other similar products or find the cheapest option (showrooming).

The mobile has become a promoter of conversions encouraging not only online shopping, but offline shopping like the increase of visits in other selling channels.

Because of that, retailers must focus their strategies online in how to convert the traffic generated by mobile devices that happens by incrementing the presence of the brand in an online level (content marketing) and using alternative channels to the eCommerce (social networks, blogs).

The mobile has to be interpreted inside the online strategy as a new opportunity to retain clients, improve the conversion rates and increment the basket size. Such is the mobile impact, that both Google and the principal social platforms are basing their strategies in how to improve your client’s conversion through mobile devices.

Mobile Visual Search: effectiveness in the searches and new shopping experience


The mobile for Fashion Retailers is the best ‘partner’ of compulsive shopping. Fashionistas want what they see on the streets and retailers can satisfy them with the integration of visual search engines in the mCommerce. They are demanding the ‘Search by photo’, to be able to do visual shopping with their mobile: see it, shop it.

The ultimate desire of the digital fashion world is, of course, image recognition software, allowing users to scan a TV screen, photo or person on the street and identify their outfit or find a similar one” said The Guardian.

In consequence, if retailers want to improve their conversion rates they must make visible (be found) but among all, optimize the searches processes (less searching time, more shopping time). Today, 80% of semantic searches made in mCommerce are failed, besides, nobody likes wasting their time navigating through the product libraries.

In this sense, visual search not only allows fashion retailers to offer a new buying experience to customers (visual shopping), but also allows optimizing the product’s search in the online shop incrementing the AOV in a 50%. The visual search engine is the ‘click’ that allows giving answers to the consumer’s ‘impulse’ improving the conversion ratio by 30%.

The facts speak for themselves. It’s a matter of time that fashion retailers integrate the Mobile Visual Search in their shops whether by petition of their clients or to improve the conversion rates in mCommerce.


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