David, Marc and Houcine: millennials that wish to make mobile their profession

Mobilitzat Mobile Bacelona Activa Mentoring by Wide Eyes Technologies

For some people they are simple NEETS (not in employment, education or training), but for us they are David, Marc and Houcine.

These three young people, who are between the ages of 20 and 22, wish to make mobile devices their profession because they have many concerns. They like programming, design and, among all, mobile technology. For these Millennials, a mobile device is more than a phone. It is their tool for socializing, entertainment and could possibly be their future profession.

Their interest in the mobile device is what encouraged them to participate in Mobilitza’t Mobile, a program launched by Barcelona Activa that increases its participant’s work opportunities in the mobile field by providing competitiveness which helps its participants improve and grow in an area that is generating occupations. Wide Eyes Technologies had the opportunity of partnering with the program and serve as mentors. Our colleague Miguel Pousa shared and worked with Houcine and a group of young participants. The group observed Wide Eyes Technologies current projects, participated in Q&A’s, and also received help with the development of their closing projects. Miguel shared his experience and described it as fascinating.


For weeks these participants have learned to program and design mobile apps to then take their acquired knowledge and put it to the practice, BeSport is an example of such result. BeSport is an entire conceptualized and designed app by participants Houcine, Marc, David and Kavan. It is designed as a social network for athletes. The app won the Mobilitza’t Award for best app of this edition.

Some days after the award ceremony, we received in our offices part of the BeSport team. While visiting our team chatted with them and shared experiences. Here our interview a BeSport creators.

What is BeSport?

Houcine: A social network for athletes.

David: A way to do sports always in company and without giving up, thanks to gamification this is possible. Challenging other users is very motivating!

How did the idea come up?

David: The sport event project was assigned to us, we didn’t choose it but it fit like a glove. When developing the project, we based it on our own experiences and necessities. Because we did this, it made way for a well thought out app developed by and for young people with sport concerns.

Marc: We looked at what was in the market and we asked ourselves what was it that we wanted to have. From that idea BeSport was born.

Why BeSport?

Houcine: We evaluated several names but BeSport was the one we all agreed with, we felt we identified more with the name. We felt it really showed the essence of the project. It presented the lifestyle and a way of connecting with the user because it has sports as a central concept.

How do you plan to monetize the app?

Marc: We want the app to be free but with a Premium version, without advertisement, for 0,99€.

David: Through conventional advertisement like banners and by also creating reports with our user’s preferences. This information collected could be very interesting to brands.

Houcine: The data collection would allow brands to make personalized and geolocalized marketing. As well, professionals, like personal trainers, will be able to promote their services in the app. This way we not only earn profit from advertising but also offer additional information/service to the users.

What are your next steps?

Houcine: We will return to work on the project after vacations. We would love to see the app in Google Play and in the Apple Store.

David: I would like to be able to work with apps designs. With this program I learned and was able to experiment and I have loved it.

Marc: I would like to be able to work in mobile, acquire more knowledge and apply it to our current project BeSport. We want to take the app to the next stadium.

Houcine, Marc and David have not only designed a mobile app together, but now feel more motivated to continue education in this work field. It is safe to say that we will hear more about them in the future. We are convinced that someday we will find BeSport in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Our best wishes and good luck guys!

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