WEB SUMMIT | Fashion & Tech will meet for the first time in Dublin

Dublin’s Web Summit, where the tech world meets and defines the ecosystem

Dublin’s WEB SUMMIT, the most awaited technology conference for constituting where the tech world meets and defines the ecosystem, this year will, for the first time, dedicate one of its 21 conferences to fashion. The event, which will run from Nov 3-5, is expected to attract more than 30,000 people from 110 countries. In a bid to showcase both the evolution and integration of fashion and technology that is all around us today, Web Summit will launch its first Fashion Summit this year.

A standalone one-day conference, it will have a dedicated main stage with four focused tracks covering fashion design, wearables and lifestyle products, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, and fashion and social media. It will also feature exhibiting start-ups among which you’re sure to find Wide Eyes Technologies.

Visit us at STAND b175 in the BUILDERS SUMMIT AREA on THURSDAY 5th November

* Visit us at STAND b175 in the BUILDERS SUMMIT AREA on THURSDAY 5th NOV.

In this sense we are very excited at finding Wide Eyes Technologies among the startups selected by the ALPHA team to join the Startup Booth* at the Web Summit. This represents one more chance to test, in situ, the potential and benefits of our visual search for the fashion industry. A search engine which not only responds to the search needs of the more digital generations, but which also allows for optimizing search processes thus improving the conversion ratios by a 38,8% and AOV by a 21,3%.

The challenge is to bring fresh content that inspires leaders in the fashion industry

For the Web Summit organization certainly the first edition of the Fashion Summit has become a true challenge. It is not easy to bring fresh content that inspires leaders in the industry. But surely from a careful selection of exhibitors and speakers will come a dose of innovation necessary for transmitting the true technological revolution being now experienced by the fashion industry. There is more to life than 3D printing, wearables and virtual reality.

Speakers announced so far include Matt Drinkwater, head of fashion innovation at the London College of Fashion, Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion, and Sonny Vu, co-Founder and CEO of Misfit. On the main speaker list, there’s also Michelle Peluso, CEO of Gilt and Robert Gentz, founder and co-CEO of Zalando.

We are excitedly awaiting November and through our twitter we’ll share our particular vision of the event with you. For those of you in Dublin, don’t hesitate in visiting us or writing to us to arrange a one to one meeting.

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