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Automatically “get the look” using a simple image or snap made possible thanks to image recognition technology

Where do we find inspiration? Pinterest, Instagram, fashion magazines, catwalks, celebrities, bloggers or anonymous people? Always is in an IMAGE.

Inspiration, when referring to fashion, always has its starting point in an image. Either static or moving, physical or digital support, with or without a model… but it’s always an image. Or have you ever desired or purchased a piece of clothing just because of reading a description?

We want what we see and the intensity of our desire is linked to the quality of the image. We don’t need an expert to tell you this, it’s common sense: “So, projecting a good image of the items is essential to converting.

Retailers catch people’s attention with careful decor and strategic placing of clothing so as to turn every corner of their store into a window display. On the other hand, eCommerces know that though the look & feel of the site may be conditioning, it is essential to show images of clothes on models. In addition, the size of a shopping cart increases notably if you show complete looks and combinable product sequences.

In most cases inspiration falls upon an image without information, forcing consumers to truly perform an investigation so as to find the desired or similar piece of clothing

Marketers want to avoid the feared “how to wear” and created in the consumer the desired “get the look” effect. Therefore, social networks (such as Pinterest and Instagram) and bloggers & influencers have become a great display window for fashion eCommerce. In addition to being excellent generators of leads. The thing is, in a digital environment it is relatively simple to create a link between image and business thanks to the use of tags and/or links.

But brands can’t sponsor all social network users, nor can fashion magazines give out details for the looks of all people appearing in their pages. So, in most cases, consumers are confronted with the challenge of starting their search from an image without information.

The same happens when we find our inspiration when walking down the street. This question could be resolved just by asking where it was bought. But we don’t always have the guts to or the answer isn’t always satisfactory. So as an alternative to resignation, there is the option of taking a picture with their mobile device. Or at least this is what 99% of millennials would do, so as to subsequently share them among their contacts, looking for answers. This is a true headscratcher which does not always produce success.

Therefore, once more, inspiration falls upon an image without additional information regarding brand, model or point of sale. So consumers find themselves having to transform an image into words so as to start a search and/or browse in various eCommerces looking through pages and pages of products. True investigative work which has only 20% chance of success.

How to optimize the search process? How to turn inspiration into purchase? How to connect Street Style with the database of inventory?


Maybe these are a few of the questions fashion retailers are asking themselves. But instead of directly giving them a solution, let’s try to use a bit of logic and common sense.

If we can agree that inspiration always falls on an image, probably the most coherent thing would be to start the search from an image. Therefore, common sense tells us that the most logical solution is to integrate image recognition technology and visual search engines into eCommerces to make easy shopping (snap-to-buy).

The possibility of automating the get the look process with an image or a capture may be very satisfactory for the costumer and beneficial for the marketer

If we assume the consumer’s role, we can feel the satisfaction posed by being able to “get the look” automatically, from just a simple photo or capture, without needing to describe it in words or browse through categories. It would be fascinating. But it would be equally fascinating to see a marketer increasing their sales and conversion ratios over 30% just by plugging an API.

But why imagine it when you can execute it today? Fashion Visual Search is the solution offered by Wide Eyes Technologies for the fashion and advertisement industries. A complete visual search engine, unique in the market, capable of recognizing from an image or capture, without human interaction (without cropping or choosing a category), clothes worn by a person and automatically finding similar models from a database. A way of automatically connecting inspiration with databases, making the world more searchable and shoppable. At the same time, the fashion visual search powered by Wide Eyes Technologies improves the purchase experience of its costumers thanks to an optimization and automatization of the search processes.

Do you want to try the effectiveness of our image recognition technology with your own products?

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