Wide Eyes Technologies presents, in the 4YFN of the MWC, the first visual search engine of the market, allowing people to find fashion through just one image, automatically and without human interaction

Wide Eyes Technologies will present at Mobile World Congress its latest solutions, for retailers and eCommerce of the fashion industry, based on disruptive image recognition systems and visual search technology.

The 4YFN, the Innovation Market of MWC, is where Wide Eyes will present their evolved visual search engine. The latest advance in I+D of the Wide Eyes Technologies team has created a revolutionary search engine as the first and unique visual search engine that lets you discover market trends from an image or capture, automatically and without any human interaction.

The technology developed entirely by Wide Eyes Technologies is able to recognize from a perfect image or photo taken with a mobile device, the different garments that a person is wearing. Automatically, without the need to define the search area or to specify the category of garments, the system displays results of similar products that appear in the image, from the eCommerce product database.


Snap-to-buy: the revolutionary and satisfying shopping experience

This Fashion Visual Search Engine facilitates and optimizes the search process for clothing and accessories in an online environment (eCommerce) which improves the user experience dramatically while increasing, engagement and conversion rates. Now, consumers can buy fashion they see on the street with a simple capture, without the need to use text to search or navigate eCommerce menu categories.

Easily connecting connect Street Style with the products is the main challenge that fashion retailers face with eCommerce. The visual search engine powered by Wide Eyes Technologies can be the most efficient solution because of its automation and highly developed technology.

I+D at the service of fashion

Wide Eyes Technologies has been serving the fashion and advertising industry with the latest technology: computer vision and artificial intelligence that combined with deep learning techniques (neural networks) allow to provide an efficient visual search for easy integration for websites and apps. A Fashion Visual Search aims to respond to the needs of the booming generations as it has been designed to view and interpret images as a human would. The Fashion Visual Search also has the ability to adapt to difficult external conditions such as lighting conditions or difficult positioning of the person taking the photo.

Outfiting: automatic outfit recommendation tool 

The main application of the Wide Eyes Technologies visual search system it the concept snap-to-buy with a simple capture, that can come from inspiration and style seen on the street. Wide Eyes Technologies has also developed an automatic outfit recommendation system. From just a photo of a garment, the system automatically suggests a list of items that best complete the look according to the trends of the moment, as if it were the stylist. With these solutions, areas such as “How to wear”, “Complete the look” or “Shop the look” are not limited only to products used in the “Look Book”campaigns, but expand to all articles and categories of the online store.

Planning to visit #4YFN? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Wide Eyes Technologies at Stand 34J in the Barcelona Activa Area, one of the Barcelona companies you need to keep an eye on according to See you there!


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