What retailers are focusing on in 2016?

The retailers earmark much of the budget for technological investment in order to face its two main challenges: unified commerces and customer commerce and engagement.

While in 2015 the transformation to the omni-channel led the To Do of the retailers, this year the main challenge is the Unified Commerce: INTEGRATE in real time all sales channels. An integration that is vital since the consumer behavior throughout the buying process has evolved: the multi-device is the new standard and mCommerce is showing the desire of consumers with experience of the most efficient and personalized brands.

Therefore the customers experience and engagement is other of the retailers main goals. Now consumers not only value the transactional component of the purchase but seek valuable experiences in exchange for their time and money. Therefore the big challenge that retailers face is ‘seducing’: be able to arouse emotions, to get REACTIONS.

Reinventing the shopping experience is the key to increment the engagement. Omni-channel and technology, are the main ways to achieve this.

The retailers are right in front of a great opportunity to take advantage of various of the benefits which technological advances provides to connect, promote loyalty and sell more. Undoubtedly the big winners will be those retailers who are able to carry the digital world in-Store to let them live an unique experience.

The digital revolution of retail to debate at ESADE

Given the transformation that the retail sector is experiencing, Esadecreapolis launches the Retail Forum, with the ambition to establish itself as a coworking space in between the referents players of the sector. A forum to promote the innovation in the retail, in which agents of the sector interact with each other giving as result projects that respond consumers real needs.

Retail_Revolution_Conference_RETAIL-FORUM_ESADERetail Revolution Conference which celebrates on 3 and 4 of March in Barcelona, will be the opening act of the Retail Forum. A conference in which referents companies of the sector will be involved, like Wide Eyes Technologies, to provide solutions and experiences to successfully confront the digital transformation and retail future challenges.

As a result, Luis Manent, CEO and CoFounder of Wide Eyes Technologies, will provide technological keys to successfully confront the two major challenges: unified commerce and customer experience, based on the optimization of the searching process may be the key.

The mobile devices has become the customers’ personal assistant; into an essential tool involved throughout the buying process, from beginning to end.

Searches through mobile devices have shown more buying intention than online searches, and mobiles are now the principal gateway of the eCommerce. From there the strategy of the retailers pass to improve the mobile search for more ‘searchables’ products. In this way, the integration of the visual searches’ engines may be the key to successfully connect the world with inventories.

In the end, consumers want what we see, we capture with our devices what we like… Also, we do not search with a computer the same way we do with our devices. So, it’s time to snap-to-buy!

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