Decoded Fashion: Wave to the Future (London, May 17-18)

Wide Eyes Technologies partners with Decoded Fashion to Decipher the Future of Fashion

On May 17th and 18th, London will host a new edition of Decoded Fashion Summit, a world renowned event which brings together the main players in the game of fashion technology. It’s a summit where you can discover worldwide disruptive technologies which affect current fashions and the future of fashion will be discovered.

For this reason, the organization of Decoded Fashion did not wish to lose the opportunity to include companies such as Wide Eyes Technologies, whose technological proposal is based on image search. It is a revolutionary solution for the fashion industry and for advertising, which connects StreetStyle to online clothing catalogs with a simple click.

In this edition all matters will revolve around how to improve and customize the in-store customer experience. This is precisely one of the main challenges faced by retailers when attempting to improve engagement. Topshop, Asos, Gap, Marks & Spencer and Google will be some of the ones that will set a voice to the fashion industry in order to share experiences, challenges and success stories.

Other matters will be discussed as well, which are currently in the cross fires of professionals of the fashion industry: from how to seduce the more digital generations to whether technology can replace or improve the experience of physical shopping.

Within the Decoded Fashion framework, it will be possible to explore a more inclusive, impactful and relevant innovation. The fashion visual search engine presented by Wide Eyes Technologies is among the technological solutions that will allow the understanding and adaptation to the fashion industry’s constant change of direction.


It is the first visual search engine that is able, without human interaction, to recognize or capture an image of the garments that a person is wearing and automatically find similar models from highly developed a database. It is a way to automatically connect creative inspiration with eCommerce catalogs thus making the world a more searchable and shoppable place. The fashion visual search powered by Wide Eyes Technologies improves the shopping experience of its customers by optimizing and automating search processes.

Although if you are in London on May 17th and 18th, we invite you to visit our booth where our team will be able to show you the different applications of our image recognition technology, and how our fashion visual search engine can increase sales and improve engagement.

If you would like to book a meeting with us please email and we’ll make sure you get a spot on our calendar.

We hope to see you there!


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