#FashionTechBerlin: Taking a look at the future of fashion and tech

3,500 visitors surged into Kühlhaus’ fourth and fifth floor for the #FashionTechBerlin conference, a top-notch event that connects both worlds of fashion and technology, on June 29, 2016. For one day, FashionTech experts, marketers and innovators came together to see the new ideas and business models that affect the way fashion is designed, produced, distributed, marketed and sold.

Visitors were invited to gain inspiration from new projects relating to the digitalization of the fashion industry likes Wide Eyes Technologies, who presented their smart visual search software for fashion industry. Also, visitors were able to participate in various workshops and conferences, where an expert panel discussed how technology is influencing the fashion industry and they decode the keys.

Luis Manent, CEO & Co-founder of Wide Eyes Technologies, took the stage at FashionTech Berlin to discuss one of the hot topics of this edition: the revolutionary visual search that is the future of digitized fashion. Wide Eyes Technologies, that Pinkermoda describes as “young, dynamic and forward-looking” holds various solutions to the challenges eCommerce retailers, especially in fashion, face through the use of a highly developed and efficient visual search technology.

“Customers should spend less time searching and more time buying”, Luis Manent

A major problem discussed was that people do not have time to spend searching for what they would like online. Luis Manent described the key of the visual search as being able to increase engagement as well as sales conversion and also intelligently recognize clothing, facilitating the information in a way to  make the customer’s user experience much more efficient.

Also, discussed is the paradox of choice and endless aisle of options when the customer inefficiently uses a text search to try to find what they are looking for, leading to the high probability of losing a sale.

“Customers should spend less time on searching and more time on buying”, assures Luis performing a live demo where he displayed the extremely accurate and efficient visual search. The search was completed by selecting a street style image from the internet into the “WE recognize” technology and displaying the similar if not exact garment item was brought up by color, shape and other patterns of the item. “Small details in fashion matter”, said Luis.

The visual search allows for the customer to discover fashion instead of flipping through endless pages of text based searches. The revolutionary visual search presented by Wide Eyes Technologies at Fashion Tech Berlin was sure to leave a lasting impression on people searching for the future of fashion technology. 

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