Simplicity and Speed: Two Key Trends In Fashion Retail

“See it, like it, buy it… right now” A trend that is prompting a fashion retail revolution

Up-to-the-minute fashion is a hot topic. We’re experiencing a fashion retail revolution and we are seeing it on Fashion Week runway activities across the world. Take London Fashion Week for example, where the trend “see it, buy it now” is well established as a driving force for customer engagement and a standard is how to keep the client’s loyalty.

Trademark brands like Burberry and Topshop are selling their collections as soon as they hit runway. This strategy is taking over, and brands big and small are following the trend to meet the immediate needs of the modern customer, who is quite simply unwilling to wait.

This need for immediate consumption has been lead in part by brands like ZARA, who have hacked the supply chain pipeline, serving customers the latest runway trends within a matter of days.


While some retailers are struggling to stock their stores -“brick and mortar” or online – with the right product mix at the right time, ZARA – part of INDITEX GROUP-, is finding success putting the right thing in the hands of their clients. At the heart of this boom, is the brand’s Technological Center, where they have the ability to manage their empire with a 360 view, “Big Brother” style. Big Data is the key. Enabling them to anticipate and react to trends in fashion (or even help to create or influence them, depending on the way you look at it) and improve their logistics and store management processes simultaneously.

Artificial Intelligence Software Is Booming. But Why Now?

Beyond the impact of the runways, fashion magazines and celebrities, bloggers, and real people are following and sharing tendencies in social media in a street style format. This has caused a massive shift in the industry – intentionally or not – that has governed the clothes “ordinary” people on the street wear. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) software comes in. AI marries the influence of social media, essentially all those images and trends being put out there, with the “see it, buy it now” culture of today.

AI technology gives brands the ultimate tools to be a bee to give their customers instant and easy access to what they want— the trends they see in social media, the photos they themselves take on their phones of people on the street, screenshoting instagram or a pic of an advert, and allows them to find what they love and buy it now. This is making AI technology, a mainstream solution and necessary investment for fashion retailers.

After all, we have all been in these situations: “Where did this girl on the street (or this instagrammer or this magazine or this friend) buy her tee shirt? I want it and need it”, “It would be perfect if these heels were lower because I love them but I need to have more function”, “this is the jacket I was looking for… Aarrgg! It’s sold out, now what?”. Artificial Intelligence technology is the answer!

AI solutions by Wide Eyes Technologies are powering amazing shopping experiences— visual technology API solutions provide speed and simplicity to the shopping experience, giving every consumer instant gratification in one click. See it, like it, buy it …right now!

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