Massimo Dutti opens the most disrupting flagship store of the Inditex Group

Massimo Dutti gathers the latest changes in Omni channel technology on its new flagship store in Barcelona

The Inditex Group’ subsidiary Massimo Dutti has completely renewed its commercial strategy by committing to new technologies. Mobile payment and smart changing rooms with a system of automatic look suggestions are some of the most significant innovations people can find on the newly opened Massimo Dutti flagship store in Barcelona. Thanks to these innovations, Massimo Dutti has become a worldwide leader in the application of Omnichannel solutions.

Fashion, design, and above all, technology

Technology is now at the service of the customer. The recently opened Massimo Dutti store in Barcelona is considered the first store in the Inditex Group which involves the latest changes in Omnichannel technology.

Moreover,massimo_dutti_flagship_store_paseo_de_gracia_96_barcelona the flagship store is located in one of the most iconic historical buildings in Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia: The Casa Ramón Casas, a genuine architectural jewel of Catalan Modernism from the end of the 19th Century.

Massimo Dutti shows its collections of Women, Men, Boys & Girls, Personal Tailoring and Limited Edition in more than 2000 mts2 in the heart of one of the most important shopping streets around the world.

The leap to the big screen

In recent years, big screens have been installed strategically in the main Zara’ shops and now Massimo Dutti is doing it too. Beyond an aesthetic matter, big screens with dynamic display pictures are a useful marketing tool. They not only allow one to refresh and customize the contents (Very useful in season sales, Black Fridays, etc.) but digital signage engages the customers’ attention 400% more than static pictures.

Free Wi-Fi

To Massimo Dutti, the cellphone is considered an essential element. Devices, along with the smart fitting rooms have turned into the key tool in producing an Omni channel experience. As a result, Massimo Dutti provides free Wi-Fi to its customers to ease their connectivity.

Shoppable Windows

See now, buy now is definitely the new retail model and Massimo Dutti knows it. Since immediacy is becoming in a very popular factor, Massimo Dutti now offers the possibility to buy the items outlined in the shop-windows directly from its app. Through GPS, all the items in the store will appear automatically on the screen to make them available at one tap.


Massimo Dutti has incorporated visual technology into its smart fitting rooms

Smart and interactive fitting rooms

Fitting rooms have finally been designed for a better customer experience. This is certainly one of the most groundbreaking projects. Before entering the fitting room, all items will be scanned. Through built-in touch screens, customers will be able to obtain additional information about their items and even request for a change in size.

Visual Technology on the top

Massimo Dutti has broken the stereotypes by incorporating a system of suggestions based on visual technology into their smart mirrors. This system allows customers to explore alternative and complementary items to successfully design their looks.

With just a garment, this system suggests related items automatically that complement the look. This software not only suggests items available at that moment but also provides recommendations which fulfill the trademark Massimo Dutti style.

This system has an innovative feature that proposes complementary or similar items to the customer using AI Visual Technology

Easy Checkout Box

In order to provide customers new options to ease the way of purchasing, the Group Inditex has created a new type of express lane that allows the assisted sale or self-service. This new system which has been placed near fitting rooms help to improve the payment process using touch-screens, anti-theft tag removers and POS terminals.

Mobile wallet payment

Based on the Massimo Dutti famous App, they have developed an innovative online payment service Wallet (only for IOS devices) which let users buy directly from their smartphones with any card registered previously in the App. Customers only need to show a QR code generated by the App to buy the item in a safe, secure way. It also allows users scan and save all the tags on their devices.

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