How to improve internal processes with AI Technology?

AI Visual Technology: Not only a ‘visual’ tool

Most of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions which result in mainstream are mainly focused on the customer experience. In a certain way, the AI solutions that fashion brands apply are tangible and visible to customers’ eyes. From the style advisor to the suggestion for complete looks from any item to the pic to purchase, or which is the same: the possibility to buy an outfit with only upload a picture to the eCommerce.

The AI Solutions developed by Wide Eyes Technologies can also be used as tools to improve the internal processes and even make an estimate of the sales or analyze trends.

Providing the managers of eCommerces and marketing and advertising departments with powerful tools is one of the Wide Eyes Technologies objectives. Now, we are going to analyze through practical situations, some solutions that are being applied by fashion brands at internal level:

1. Feed Management

A category tree and a properly assigning of items to each of them is a key point to take into consideration to provide a comfortable navigation to customers. Have the items’ catalog well categorized and distributed will generate a good purchase experience. But categorization of thousands or millions of items can become in a nightmare. That the reason why some fashion brands select artificial intelligence to customize the process and moreover, reduce mistakes.

Marketplaces like Privalia from Vente-Privée group or platforms like Adzuki or Mercaux – which manage eCommerces of brands like Benetton – have chosen the integration in their systems of the AI API of Wide Eyes Technologies, to categorize automatically millions of images based on the image and not on the tagged content.

2. List of products for promoting campaigns based on characteristics

ECommerces and marketplaces constantly launch thematic campaigns to promote and bring visibility to items in the catalog. The list of products used is made manually. The complexity and moreover, the time spent in the items’ selection process is growing as the quantity of items increase in the database. So, being able to preselect automatically based on characteristics not only reduces time-consuming in the creation of the campaign, but also allows more creativity. Imagine you can obtain a filtered database in a matter of seconds with only determine a characteristic. From patterns like leopard, stripes, checkered, floral, even textures and details like zips, three quarter length sleeves, etc. Unquestionably, the automation in preselection of items for campaigns will allow marketers of eCommerces to be more dynamic and creative. This is the case of Privalia, which has applied the AI Solutions of Wide Eyes Technologies to customize the time in their units. Since it has integrated the API in its dashboard time spent has inverted; more time to design and analyze and less time to execute. They can be more active and even customize marketing campaigns per customers for emailing and website.

 3. Auto-Tagging images

The assigning of keywords or tags to item’s images is another of the luscious tasks any eCommerce has to face. It’s an essential task that becomes more complex if you have to manage tons of images, or the images that come without metadata. Most of the fashion brands have to outsource this task to companies that transcribe images manually like expensive manpower and effort. Using the AI Solutions of Wide Eyes Technologies based on deep learning and image recognition, we can not only assign relevant tags to every trending item that appears in the image automatically, but also add tags that make the difference based on visual characteristics; because details do matter in fashion. Their function is very simple, images are analyzed through the Wide Eyes Technologies API and in a matter of seconds we obtain automatically a high quality tagging. With this fully customized and scalable solution Privalia for example, has improved the efficiency of the tagging team and at the same time has reduce mistake related to manual tagging.

 4. Predictive sales and big data analytics based on visual content

Fashion industry process and analyzed tons of data in search of opportunities and trends. In this context the AI Solutions of Wide Eyes Technologies open a new way to hear: the visual analysis of trends in real time. From images in social networks like Instagram to the most common searches become this API in a smart selling tool. The visual analysis allows to extract visual characteristics from the fashion items that appear in the images giving as a result fashion trends in sights: colors, patterns, specific characteristics based on shapes, etc. A valuable information that helps to stay a step ahead to trademarks. Even though the value that makes the difference is the proper usage and interpretation of the data obtained.

These are the 4 most appealing applications for some of our customers of our AI Solutions to improve internal processes on the basis of visual content. The applications of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry have no limits.

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