Wide Eyes Technologies launches the first AI HUB for fashion startups: W.E. Startup Hub

Wide Eyes Technologies, an innovation company, who has one of the most cutting edge AI technology platforms, launches W.E. Startup Hub: the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) HUB in the world that looks to empower interesting projects in fashion industry with its technology.

AI technology is the new electricity available to only a few. That’s why Wide Eyes Technologies, through its Startup Hub, calls for fashion startups to give them the chance to get one of the most disruptive technology solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on excellent conditions.

Accordingly, Wide Eyes Technologies provides to a selective group of visionary fashion startups the most disruptive AI solutions on the market, based on deep learning and image recognition technologies to improve backend, sales and customer experience through a unique API.


Staturps like Adzuki, Where2Buy and Moddlinc now are part of the W.E. Startup Hub. Thanks to this program they have been able to incorporate in their eCommercers and Apps the AI Solutions, in order to improve their customers’ purchase experience and obviously, their sales. With the usage of the AI technology powered by Wide Eyes Technologies, the fashion brands increased their Average Order Value by more than 21,3%, and conversión rates by 38,8%. Amazing eh? This can be possible if you want it.

The commitment of Wide Eyes Technologies is aid in the success of this bright startups that bet for technology innovation, offering their API in a more realistic condition. Thanks to their revolutionary algorithms, their AI fashion tech can be customized to your specific needs. When the 80% of text searches fail, why not being visual? Check out what Wide Eyes Technologies can do for your business…. AI tech is changing online retail!

Additionally this endeavor of Wide Eyes Technologies is allowing to create a powerful ecosystem of visionary and visually fashion startups that have in common the usage of AI technology. Innovated technology doesn’t have to be just a objective or goal, it has to be a reality.

Artificial Intelligence can adapt a website to specific requirements of customer and fashion brands, offering real and relevant advantages like the customization and optimization of catalog management.

If you’re interested and need innovative solutions, we would be happy to have a quick call where we can show you everything live. Join to W.E. Startups Hub

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