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TRENDY, the social fashion marketplace, joins the AI Revolution thanks to W.E. Startup Hub

At the beginning of 2017, Wide Eyes Technologies, creators of one of the most cutting edge AI technology platforms, launched W.E. Startup Hub: the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) HUB in the world that looks to empower interesting projects in fashion industry with its technology.

Through this Hub, Wide Eyes Technologies is providing the most disruptive AI solutions on the market to select group of visionary fashion startups. The solutions are based on deep learning and image recognition technologies to improve backend, sales and powering great shopping experiences. TRENDY, the 1st social commerce for fashion in Europe, is one of the best success cases within W.E. Startup Hub.

By means of an interview with Juan Cruz, CEO and founder of TRENDY, we invite you to discover why integrating artificial intelligence and image recognition technology to his social commerce was a top priority and how these AI solutions are empowering his business and shopping experience.

W.E: Consumer’s habits have changed, and the proof of that is TRENDY. What is your vision for a shopping experience?

J.C.: TRENDY’s vision is to offer a catalog of images promoted by users, influencers and independent designers, showing outfits with clothing and fashion accessories. It’s very visual, and there is no commercial information until the user likes the item and chooses to know more about it to evaluate their purchase.

W.E: What are the benefits of visual shopping?

J.C: I would emphasize the speed and practicality to discover new products and outfits that can be attractive to you. Also in TRENDY we offer the navigation facility filtering the images by style, gender and fashion category.

W.E.: Visual Search is…

J.C.: … a search based on emotions. Visual Search results allow users to quickly find products or services depending on the emotions that the images produce. It is very intuitive, as the saying goes: “ A picture is worth a thousand words” (text search).

W.E: Why did you introduce AI Solutions to TRENDY? What difficulties did you need to solve?

We wanted to make tagging clothes simple. We use AI technology to recognise the clothes and accessories that users upload and automatically show same clothes or, at least, the most similar. This way we can tag it in only two clicks.

W.E: Which benefits have AI Solutions from Wide Eyes Technologies provided?

The Wide Eyes Technologies’ API simplified the image posting process with the right products tags. We reduced the time by half. It also helps us to link more products  to the outfits from the shops that sell in TRENDY or participate in our associate program. The brands have multiplied their tagged products by three times since using this technology.

TRENDY partnered with Wide Eyes Technologies to improve product discovery and user experience for its online shoppers. If you’re interested and need innovative solutions like TRENDY, we would be happy to have a quick call where we can show you everything live. Join to W.E. Startups Hub!

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