THE FASHION STARTUP AWARDS 2017 | And the winner is…

Wide Eyes Technologies, the Best Fashion Tech at the Fashion Startup Awards 2017

The Wide Eyes Technologies’ AI solutions, based on image recognition and deep learning, won the best technology solution in the fashion industry at the Fashion Startup Awards 2017.

From the 14th through the 19th of September, Madrid turned into the fashion and innovation capital. Within the framework of MBFW 2017, Fashionbiz 2.0 and Madrid Emprende organized The FashionTech Week, some meeting sessions for fashion entrepreneurs. The week was full of business projects and disruptive solutions for the fashion industry. 

The latest advances in Wide Eyes Technologies’ R&D team, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence solutions for the fashion industry, has positioned its search engine as the one and only visual browser that allows users to discover fashion from an image or a screenshot automatically, and without human interaction. The quality and innovative nature of the solutions developed by Wide Eyes Technologies is what makes them the winners of the Fashion Startup Awards 2017 in The Best Fashion Tech category. This special recognition proves that we are living through the AI revolution within the fashion industry. Other winners were The Best Fashion eCommerce for La Fenestra and Binfluencer as The Best Fashion Startup.

Ines Larrea Villanueva, CEO & Founder at La Fenestra, Javier Yuste García, CEO & Co-founder at Binfluencer and Luis Manent, CEO & co-founder at Wide Eyes Technologies.

AI is revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

A large part of the success in AI, particularly in the fashion industry, is based on the usage of deep learning for image recognition. This is the why many companies have specialized in this field, and so has the Spanish startup Wide Eyes Technologies, whose technology platforms are one of the most groundbreaking. Wide Eyes Technologies is available through API for B2B customers.

From shopping through a screenshot, to the inspiration and the style that we see on the street, image recognition is one of the most common uses of Wide Eyes Technologies’ AI solutions. In addition to all of this, there are product suggestions such as Similar recommendation: particularly efficient at optimizing  the research of the desired product or to solve out of stock problems; Or the style advisor: Automatic outfit recommendations from one  product according to a brand’s style rules and trends.

But Wide Eyes Technologies Solutions are not just focused on improving the shopping experience, they are also  leveraging AI solutions to improve the backend, like trend analysis, sales prediction based on visual content, auto-tagging based in the product’s’ visual characteristics, automatic image categorization, and more.

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