introduces visual search on their app

Lamoda Group has added Wide Eyes’ search-by-image solution to their APP

One of Russia’s biggest online fashion retailers Lamoda started to use image recognition and visual search software powered by Wide Eyes Technologies, a solution that changes traditional ideas about shopping.


Inspiration is everywhere –streets, magazines, social networks like Instagram, stores… – and thousands of customers catch them with their smartphones. Connect these images automatically with catalog is one of the main reason why they have added Wide Eyes’ AI visual search technology.

Thanks to the AI Solutions of Wide Eyes Technologies, an advanced algorithm based on deep learning and image recognition, consumers are able to easily search through thousands of inventory items by simply using a picture snapped from their smartphone to find similar products available at and then purchase immediately.

“In the catalogue of Lamoda there are more than three million products, which means that even using filters, it’s not easy to find what you are looking for and chose the good” said Liliya Adnreeva, iOS Product Manager at Lamoda. “In addition, it is important for us to keep up with the new trends in technology and to offer to our users new interesting ways of shopping”, she added.

By making any image instantly “shoppable”, Lamoda is taking impulse buying to new heights. That can easily serve as the start of a shopping experience: I want it, I buy it. This AI solution powered by Wide Eyes Technologies provide speed and simplicity to the shopping experience, giving every consumer instant gratification in one click. 

“Visual Search allows you to take images from different items of the wardrobe, so we are counting on the growth of the Average Check and increase of the number of items in the basket. Also, this will affect the number of product views and the number of fast purchases”, commented Lamoda.

Visual Search on image in Lamoda app will be available only to Russian iPhone users, as well as smartphones and tablets based on Android (version 4.1 and newer).

Do you want to repeat the look seen in a fashion blog, magazine or on the street? Upload a photo of your favourite outfit from the Internet or just take a picture of it and Lamoda app will pick up similar models from its online store. Thanks to Wide Eyes Technologies’ software it’s possible to search among 3.000.000 fashion items in a few seconds!

The technology developed entirely by Wide Eyes Technologies is able to recognize from any image or photo taken with a mobile device, the different garments that a person is wearing. Automatically, without the need to define the search area or to specify the category of garments, the system displays results of similar products that appear in the image, from the eCommerce product database. This ability to recognize whole looks is the main difference of Wide Eyes among similar technologies.

This is the first example of a Russia online fashion retailer fully embracing the potential of image recognition and positions at the vanguard of technological innovation designed to improve customer experience.

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