Top 3 #AI Solutions for Fashion

The most used artificial intelligence solutions for fashion retailers

According to Wide Eyes Technologies Sales Team, in 8 out of 10 meetings fashion retailers managers ask  the same question: Which are the most demanded AI solutions in fashion retail? and Why?

So we thought it would be helpful to share the answer. Or, in other words, to outline top use cases for AI in fashion that we’re seeing right now. This isn’t a comprehensive list of what AI can do, but it is a guide with the most demanded (and used) AI Solutions by our customers.

[PLAY & ENJOY] The Top 3 use cases right now for artificial intelligence in fashion retail


Our leading “Search-by-Image” artificial intelligence engine allows shoppers to search and shop by outfit. Thanks to the advanced algorithm of Wide Eyes Technologies based on deep learning and image recognition, it’s possible to make images shoppable; allowing the automatic access to every fashion article (clothes and accessories) that is shown in the picture without human interaction.

How does Search-by-Image work?

Our technology is able to understand different types of fashion images (pictures, catalogue photo, UGC) and to recognize the different garments that a person is wearing. Fully automatically and without the need to define the search area or to specify the category of garments. Wide Eyes Technologies’ AI API sends results of exact matches that appear in the image, from the eCommerce product database, as well as visually similar in-stock options instantly.

What can Wide Eyes Technologies AI API do?

  • Make shopping easy (snap-to-buy)
  • Optimize the search process
  • Turn inspiration into purchase (emotional shopping)
  • Connect street style with database inventory
  • Monetize the user generated content (UGC)
  • … and increase the sales


The customization of recommendations based on visually similar products is very effective to provide content to areas like “you may also like” or solve out-of-stock automatically, offering users all available products as alternatives.

The computer vision APIs of Wide Eyes Technologies allows enterprises to offer customers the right product in the right moment wherever they are geographically; or, in other words, to set up a personalized way to discover fashion by showing visually similar in-stock products. This AI solution is one of the most demanded strategies by eCommerces, which relies on technology innovation to improve the conversion rates and customer experience.

How does Similar Recommendation work?

Wide Eyes Technologies AI API analyzes the content of the image and automatically delivers visually similar items from a database of inventory. It is a way to help customers navigate the product catalog in a more visual, intuitive and attractive way. Within the seconds the customers are able to see available options of products similar in color, pattern, shape, etc. In addition to this, using visual search technology not only brightens up the search, but it also allows to give greater visibility and rotation to the product portfolio.

What can Wide Eyes Technologies AI API do?

    • Personalize fashion discovery
    • Show ultra-precise recommendations
    • Better search experience
    • Convert dead ends into conversions
    • Automate the “You may also like” area
    • Improve the performance of marketing campaigns
  • … and increase the sales


Assigning of keywords or tags to item’s images is another of the luscious tasks any eCommerce or feed management company has to face. It’s an essential task that becomes more complex if you have to manage tons of images, or if images come without any metadata. Most of the fashion brands have to outsource this task to companies that transcribe images manually which ends up in expensive manpower and effort.

Using the AI Solutions of Wide Eyes Technologies based on deep learning and image recognition, we can not only assign relevant tags to every trending item that appears in the image automatically, but also add tags that make the difference based on visual characteristics; because details do matter in fashion.

How does Auto-tagging work?

The images are processed through the Wide Eyes Technologies API and in a matter of seconds we extract automatically high quality tags. With this fully customized and scalable solution our customers have improved the efficiency of the tagging team and at the same time have reduced mistakes related to manual tagging.

Besides, having tags generated automatically, improves your SEO because e-commerces are using Wide Eyes Technologies tags for text search and make their new products available for any text search immediately.

What can Wide Eyes Technologies AI API do?

    • Automated product tagging
    • Turn visual content in a powerful tool
    • Offer the ability to appreciate, analyze and perceive fashion images
    • Improve internal processes: product tagging, image classification, feed management, image analysis, text search, etc.
  • … and increase the sales

After all, these are the most popular AI application in the fashion industry which makes the shopping easy, optimises  search processes, customises the way to discover fashion and improves internal processes. But there are many other applications of AI that still remain untapped by the fashion industry. Wanna talk?

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