Meet Our New Headquarters

We’ve moved! Take a look at our New Office…

We finally have our new office! This is a good news. After incredible five years going from strength to strength, and the addition of new members to our team, it was time to think about new offices. Let’s just say our previous office became a “very cosy place”. The upgrade was necessary to better cater the cohesive and dynamic working environment in Wide Eyes Technologies.

Following the continued and rapid growth of the business, Wide Eyes Technologies needed a new space that not only made the existing team more comfortable, but also invited and encouraged growth, making it a great space for everyone to work in and to spend time together.

And finally Wide Eyes Technologies made the move into the new headquarters in July 2018. It’s a great place, everyone loves the space and it’s hard to imagine us working in our previous office after just a few days of being here.

If you are curious, come visit us…

Photos made with love by our team! Non professional 😉

Our new office is really cool and reflects our identity. We have larger teamwork areas, meeting room (called The Room), multiples flex spaces –  key areas for unwind and for team collaboration-, and a Kitchenette (called LoL) where always someone is cooking.

And, the terracу. What a blessing! It’s our little oasis, our open-air office. A place to kick back and unwind, to lunch or chat, and also to take informal meetings with colleagues.

We are really happy with the move and really, our new headquarters is a place to be! We can’t wait to welcome our customers and partners to visit us soon!


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