AI Starts To Revolutionize Luxury Industries

The role of Artificial Intelligence in Luxury fashion & jewelry

Selling luxury products means selling a dream (status, identity, exclusivity, etc.). While in-store is much easier to highlight certain unique characteristics, bringing a similar experience online becomes more challenging.  But now consumers are always online; they use mobile to search items they’re interested in before purchasing and surf through social to find inspiration. Luxury items are being on top of the main searches online and social media is one of the top sources of website traffic for luxury brands. However, 40 percent of luxury brands are still not presented online, fearing the loss of control and compromise over their brand image. But staying away from the digital channels isn’t the right solution.

How can luxury fashion and jewelry brands deliver an engaging customer experience and capitalize on the opportunities offered by online channels without risking depreciating their brand equity and losing sales that are mainly happening in stores? That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. The industry’s biggest brands are already injecting their web presence with AI to improve customer experience and support.

How luxury brands are using AI to improve their customer experience

Luxury fashion brands have to create an online engaging experience that is consistent with that offered by traditional channels, in order to deliver a luxury customer experience aligned with modern consumers’ personality and brand’s values. Now the luxury is not only an exclusive product. The modern luxury is in customer experience, in personalization. So, luxury experience begins with an artificial intelligence.

Luxury fashion and jewelry brands embrace AI to personalize the brand experience from awareness through to purchase:

  • Custom online shopping by adding “personalization” in the product detail page (PDP).  The customization of recommendations based on visually in-stock similar products is very effective to provide the right content to sections like “you may also like”. It’s like having a personal advisor always available. Wide Eyes’ similar recommendation engine offers this feature automatically, at the same time it combats issues with stock availability, offers a new way to discover fashion and keeps the user journey going until they find what they’re looking for.
  • ‘Shop the look’ service to delight capricious customers. By offering the outfit recommendation on the PDP through ‘complete the look’ section, luxury brands show how to wear their products as a one-to-one style advisor. In this sense, Wide Eyes’ ‘Search-by-Image’ solution optimizes the customer journey allowing buyers to search and buy the whole outfit just with one click. Thanks to our advanced algorithm based on deep learning and image recognition, it is possible to access each fashion item (clothes and accessories) shown in the image without human interaction and automatically build a complete look.
  • Turn inspiration into purchasing by adding visual search engine. Now consumers find inspiration in social media (instagram, pinterest) or other online user generated images. People want to search and discover new ideas, even if they don’t have the right words. So, it’s more intuitive for the consumer to do search by image. Wide Eyes’ AI solutions connect inspiration to product catalog and help people discover the fashion they desire in a seamless way. Our deep learning algorithms analyze different types of fashion images (snaps, catalog photos, UGC) and can instantly recommend visually in-stock similar products, or recognize and link  all the products a model is wearing.

Get inspired: use search by image to find similar items and shop the look

As well as offering the tailored experience shoppers want and the sales acceleration businesses need, visual AI solutions such as those developed by Wide Eyes Technologies bring myriad other benefits for companies, employees and customers alike.

If your business is looking for a pioneering way to meet the needs of the truly modern consumer and improve their business, there’s no doubt about it, it’s time to move towards AI. There’s never been a better time. Wanna talk?

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