Shop-the-look service to delight impatient customers

The One-Click Discovery Revolution

Can you imagine shopping an outfit only by uploading a picture? Visual search tool, like that offered by Wide Eyes, is one of the most important recent innovations in e-commerce, a bridge between traditional discovery in retail and the convenience of online shopping. Visual Intelligence is the One-Click Discovery Revolution.

The modern consumers need to meet the needs immediately. That’s why retailers increasingly are offering the ability for shoppers to shop outfits they see by uploading an image. In this sense, ‘Search by image’ service, based on deep learning-powered image recognition, is the solution retailers need to delight impatient customers. It is a step forward towards creating ease and comfort for the users to find products, taking shoppers directly from inspiration to satisfaction.

More and more fashion retailers are launching Shop-the-Look services
to let their users search and shop by outfit from images

Search-by-image Solution: the one-click discovery revolution

The conventional discovery method is that a user visits your store and browses different categories and subcategories, or  enters a query in text-search engine or clicks a brand logo to find quality products. This search process may provide a list of products, but not the relevant ones. And, the user may leave your website because of the difficult way of search and switch to another tab to find the items somewhere else.

But, by allowing him to try a visual search, you can optimize the time and facilitate the search in finding the exact or similar product in your store. And this is how you get a qualified lead.

The one-click discovery revolution is covered by image recognition technology. With the Wide Eyes’ Search-by-Image solution, users can shop their favourite influencer’s outfits, recreate some of the most stylish looks and steal style trends from uploading images. Search-by-Image solution allows customers to search and purchase directly from their images of inspiration.

How does Search-by-Image Solution work?

Wide Eyes’ Search-by-Image is provided through an API, easily integrable into any mobile or desktop eCommerce platform. Our AI software is able to recognize different fashion items from an image. Fully automatically and without the need to define the search area or to specify the category of garments.

Wide Eyes’ API sends results of exact matches that appear in the image from your eCommerce product database as well as visually similar in-stock options instantly. This solution gives an opportunity to eCommerce players to make their users access automatically products that they are already inspired with and buy them.

Wide Eyes’ Search-by-Image API takes a “query” image as an input and returns the ID’s of the most similar products in your product feed

How an improved on-site search benefits your website?

    • It enhances the user experience and achieves customer satisfaction
    • It narrows down the search and increases conversions
    • The users save a bunch of time in getting to a landing page
    • It improves your website bounce percentage
  • It helps to expose more products in suggesting similar searches

Visual search not only drives tangible business results; it increases customer loyalty by alleviating a notorious pain point in the discovery experience. We’ll see more customer-focused retailers begin to delight their consumers with search-by-image solution, essentially allowing them to shop their inspiration.

If you are interested to implement a visual search feature like H&M, Asos, Simons, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and other retailers, Wide Eyes Technologies is here to help. #BeWEsual

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