AI Style Advisor | The role of outfit recommendation in online retailers

Style Advisor: AI-driven outfitting and style advice software for ecommerce and retail brands


Since 2013, a McKinsey report noted that over 85 percent of Amazon sales revenue was generated from personalized recommendations. Since then, empowering product detail pages with smart recommendation engines is becoming more common in the areas of fashion and apparel.

Maybe this trend has exploded in the last few years thanks to the development of first-class AI-driven product recommendations engines; or it’s just a mirror effect. A replication of best practices driven by the leading global fashion retailers like Zara, H&M, Macy’s or Asos. All of these have chosen to add smart recommendations on PDPs to create personalized shopping experiences, opening new revenue channels and boosting upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
But regardless of what, who or how they have made it, the reality is outfit recommendation plays an increasingly important role in the online retail market. Why? ‘How to wear’ is the biggest headache for shoppers but also for retailers alike.


How to do outfit recommendations automatically without loosing the brand’s DNA

Fashion retailers need to serve and inspire shoppers with smart product recommendations like mix-and-match options to complete the look. Recent research shows that outfitting and style recommendations are among the top suggestion strategies with more than 65 percent of shoppers saying it is the feature they interact with the most. But, how can retailers make this automatic without losing the brand’s DNA?

In this sense, Wide Eyes’ Style Advisor is the solution that retailers need to be able to automatize the complete the look process and make this expandable to the entire catalogue.

By embedding AI-driven Style advisor Software, retailers can provide smarter mix-and-match options to complete the look based on a brand style guide at any product page, and automatically.


BEST PRACTICES | ZARA build outfit recommendations to show how to wear all products.  


Empowering visual eCommerce merchandisers

With AI-powered Style Advisor tool, Wide Eyes is delivering to fashion retailers a fast and easy way to create smart outfit  recommendations, in order to automatize the complete the look process or to facilitate the validation and the creation of outfit suggestions for visual retail merchandisers.

Wide Eyes’ Style Advisor optimizes the outfitting process bringing your team a large number of mix-and-match compositions, higher visibility, and rotation of available products. This results in increased capacity for the visual merchandising team to launch beautiful shopping experiences. And also, it’s a key tool for store assistants. The Wide Eyes’ outfit recommendation engine enables store associates to feel confident with accurate recommendations so they can up- and cross-sell faster, without the burden of building it themselves.


How does Style Advisor Solutions work?

Wide Eyes algorithm analyzes the brand catalogue images and uses the information to generate outfit recommendations. Our deep learning algorithm is able to understand the brand style guide with all nuances, and creates in real time a fully automated complete outfit based on a single product.

The purpose of this tool is to automatize the complete the look process and build more accurate and intelligent outfit recommendations to show how to wear your products.  

By recommending in-stock fashionable outfits, retailers can solve one of the biggest challenges on the customer decision journey: How to wear.

Inspire shoppers with perfect outfit recommendations and increase the shopping basket. Let’s talk?


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