Wide Eyes selected among Top 100 innovation startups at South Summit 2019

WIDE EYES selected among Top 100 startups Finalists at South Summit 2019

Out of 3,700 start up companies around the world, Wide Eyes has been selected among a group of TOP 100 most promising startups to attend the South Summit in Madrid, Spain. This year’s group of selected promising startups represent 62% of international projects from countries all around the world, including Colombia, USA, Israel, India, UK, Germany, France, Colombia, and Mexico. Among the thousands of applicants from various locations, Wide Eyes is one of the FINAL 100 that will be attending the South Summit, which is known to have helped in the growth of several success stories, such as previous attendees Cabify, Typeform, Drivy, Glovo, and Spotahome.

The South Summit is a platform that gathers the top innovative, talented, and breakthrough entrepreneurs to create an ecosystem and accessible network for startups to take advantage of their unique opportunities and great potential.

¨We are grateful to be recognized as leaders in the startup world, being selected in the top 100 among such a vast group of talented innovators” says Luis Manent, CEO & Co-Founder at Wide Eyes. “Seeing the undeniable progress we have been making, this is a great opportunity for us to engage with investors, competitors, and business leaders interested in both fashion and breakthrough technologies, proving the potential value of our AI solutions.”

Wide Eyes has been selected to compete as a finalist under the “Cutting Edge Technologies” category! The excited team will be attending the South Summit in Madrid, Spain from October 2-4, 2019. We hope to see you there and will update the status of our progress! Let us know if you are interested in meeting us.

The shortlist of all finalists for the Cutting Edge Technologies is: AllRead (Machine Learning), Appentra (Big Data), Atlant (Advanced Materials), EPICA (Artificial Intelligence), LeanXcale (Big Data), Loozen (Cloud), Neurodigital (Virtual Reality), Onirix (Augmented Reality), Roboze (Advanced Materials), Trato (Blockchain) and Wide Eyes Technologies (Visual AI For Fashion). 

Wide Eyes’ artificial intelligence solutions are based on image recognition and deep learning and help users discover the fashion they want through four solutions: visual search (search by image), smart product recommendation (similar recommendation or style advisor) and auto-tagging.

The Wide Eyes team will travel to Madrid (Spain) to join South Summit, from October 2-4, 2019. We hope to see you there!


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