Part I: Significance and Development of Brick & Mortar

Why consumers keep returning to physical stores, despite the growth and peak of optimum online shopping

The common trend within the fashion industry nowadays is digital transformation. Brands are rushing to have a significant online presence and competing to catch the tech savvy consumer’s attention. In the haze of the digital race, however, companies are prone to get distracted and lose focus from their in-store customer experience strategies. Regardless of online shopping, it is evident that 49% of shoppers still prefer the traditional Brick and Mortar shopping experience. Therefore, it is vital for brands to put effort into perfecting both their online and offline experiences.


SENSES: The senses play a vital role in clients’ attraction to brands. When a consumer enters a store, details in the layout, colours, shelving, smell, music, and feel of the products act as chief stimuli in impacting shopping behaviour. Some clients prefer to experience all the above emotions before making decisions about brands or purchases. Holidays and special occasions also tempt clients to visit brick and mortar stores, as in 2018, 96% of consumers shopped in store for the purpose of experiencing the festive ambiance and décor.

HUMAN TOUCH: Face-to-face customer service and personalised shopping makes a big difference to shoppers by creating an engaging and exciting experience. 30% of consumers prefer speaking, interacting, and receiving personal treatment from sales people rather than chatbots. They also feel more comfortable purchasing in store to witness and guarantee secure payments.

CONFIDENCE: Although modern shoppers are more tech savvy, they are also financially responsible. For this reason, 87% of shoppers prefer to see, feel, and try on their items before buying them, avoiding a waste of money and making them feel confident about their purchases. Additionally, 49% of shoppers feel that walking out of a brick and mortar store, bag in hand, fills them with a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

With these attributes contributing to consumers’ continuous return to the physical stores, brands must be ready to take advantage of the source and keep consumers satisfied, intrigued, and coming back for more. Wouldn’t you agree the perfect way to do this is by giving shoppers the benefits they receive from both online and offline shopping? Stay tuned for the next post, where we share secrets of the power of AI in the world of Brick and Mortar.

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