Wide Eyes is capable of generating exceptional solutions and collecting valuable data simultaneously – and Black Friday is the perfect example.

Black Friday – assigned to the last Friday of November – is the day to introduce the holiday month and prepare us for the spirit of Christmas. Which also means, shopping! This is an exciting time for customers as prices are slashed like never before, giving them the chance to purchase those pricey items they’ve had their eyes on for much less. As exciting as this may be for shoppers, we understand how Black Friday can be one of the most stressful days for retailers worldwide. According to Internet Retailing, online app shopping traffic alone grew 240% on Black Friday 2019, with around $7.4 billion in sales!

Although this day can subject a lot of pressure on some companies, it doesn’t have to give retailers a hard time. With the rising power of AI, several solutions are adopted to make everyone’s job easier! At Wide Eyes, we worked closely with our clients to make sure we are well prepared for this day.

This year, we received almost double the total API calls we receive on a regular day, but our performance was not affected and did not glitch one bit. On the contrary, there was only 2 milliseconds difference in latency, proving that our systems can funnel down heavy demand as on a regular day. You can see for yourself in the below Figure!

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore

In addition to exceptional capabilities, our system is able to collect valuable data for our clients. Data is the metaphorical currency of todays corporations: the more you collect, the richer you are. Luckily, algorithms and technology give us easy access to data, helping us unveil new and innovative insights, trends, metrics, and patterns. Molded together to form predictions, this can also bank some competitive advantage by anticipating future demand. In metaphorical terms: Here at Wide Eyes, we’ve won the lottery!

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