Visual AI to collect valuable data on Black Friday: 2020 vs 2019

This year, more than ever, we have been purchasing online. At Wide Eyes we received almost triple the total API calls we receive on a regular day. The increase in traffic is undoubtedly due to our newly acquired “at-home lifestyle”. 

As we all get used to online shopping, we develop higher standards for the online shopping experience. We expect product discovery technology to be easily identifiable and even emphasized, but not intrusive to unassisted browsing. 

Wide Eyes is capable of generating exceptional solutions and collecting valuable data simultaneously – and Black Friday is the perfect example to unveil new and innovative insights, trends, metrics, and patterns. 

Molded together to form predictions, this can also bank some competitive advantage by anticipating future demand.

However, there exist two types of shoppers with different needs. Those who already know what they are looking for and those who don’t: 

  • For those who already have a clear visual idea in their head, SEARCH BY IMAGE is definitively a game changer being the best way to quickly find what they are looking for. Especially if we consider that for this type of shopper scrolling and browsing through what seems like a never-ending number of pages is a big NO. Numbers don’t lie: We have had a record of over 925M searches during Black Week.
  • On the other hand side, for those who are still waiting for visual inspiration we have managed 98K API calls per minute of SIMILAR RECOMMENDATIONS and STYLE ADVISOR. No matter which shopping type your clients are, for both the experience we provide feels like the items they see during the product discovery process were hand-picked for them. 

Last but not leasts, load time is a huge deal-breaker. When the sales are hot and time is limited, shoppers won’t wait more than a few seconds for search results to load.  

During a highly competitive shopping event, that price is paid in customer churn and shopper drop-off. Any shopper will quickly become frustrated and look elsewhere if they can’t find what they’re looking for in a matter of a glimpse. During the whole Black Week, our performance was not affected and did not glitch one bit. On the contrary, there were not even 0 milliseconds difference in latency, proving that our systems can funnel down heavy demand as on a regular day.

At WIDE EYES we provide the 3 most powerful AI applications in the fashion industry which not only make shopping easy, optimize search processes, customize the way to discover fashion but also improve internal processes. Wanna talk?

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