Top Fashion eCommerce Personalization Trends (do or die)

Top Fashion eCommerce Trends: Unleashing the Power of Personalization

The global e-commerce market has, over the last two years, undergone revolutionary change due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. 

2020 has been the year that changed eCommerce forever. As people embraced social distancing, they turned to online shopping more than ever before. This shift in consumer behavior – looking likely to be permanent and not transitory – has propelled the e-commerce industry forward by at least five years. 

So, if you haven’t any eCommerce, you are as good as dead. But, merely having a fashion eCommerce website is not enough. Buyers are increasingly more demanding. 

eCommerce personalization tools increase sales, customer engagement, and customer loyalty. 45% of consumers say they are more likely to shop on an eCommerce site that offers personalization.

How important is personalization in fashion eCommerce?

Personalization in fashion retail is incredibly important and always adds value to the customer experience. Personalization helps you target your customers with the right experience. This increases the chances of conversions and thus maximizes your revenue. 

Customers want their shopping experiences to be innovated and personalized alongside being enjoyable. So, these fashion eCommerce personalization trends in 2022 are primarily fueled by consumers’ desires and expectations.

Here are the 3 must personalization trends to look out for in fashion eCommerce this year and beyond: 

  1. Personalized Similar Recommendations
  2. Style Advisor, smart outfit recommendations system
  3. Personalize every Touchpoint

Personalized Similar Recommendations

Product recommendations exist on almost all online platforms. It is up to retailers to choose which solutions best represent their brand’s digital store. Some retailers personalized recommendations based on previous purchases or user behavior. But it’s not always the best strategy in fashion. For example, I’m a tri-mother and I buy clothes for the entire family (for women, men, teens and kids). So, the product recommendations based on my shopping journey are inconsistent. Recommendations based on what they are looking for are more relevant for customers like me. 

Embedding AI-powered similar recommendations is key to delivering the right product at the right time. It’s the best way to keep the user journey going until they find what they’re looking for. At Wide Eyes Technologies take similar recommendations to another level adding different personalization possibilities. Our similar recommendation system integrates a real-time filter functionality allowing retailers to customize the results for every shopper (size, style, brands, etc.) and also to adapt results to business rules (price range, campaigns, stock by country, area, store, etc.).

Style Advisor, smart outfit recommendations system

Style advisors are attentive to the customer’s needs and provide tailored advice on fashion, outfits that will suit the customer’s preferences (style, price range, etc). With partners like Wide Eyes, fashion retailers can do it automatically.

Wide Eyes’ AI-powered Style Advisor generates complete recommended outfits when customers browse an individual product as an authentic personal shopper. This solution brings an instant, intuitive and visual discovery expandable to the entire catalog.

Now, retailers can deliver mix-and-match options, complete the look aligned with a product style and contextual and situational behavior. A new revolutionary way to personalize every outfit suggestion.

Wide Eyes’ Style Advisor solution helps retailers reduce in 95% the merchandisers’ manual work. Also, this AI-powered outfit recommendation system brings higher visibility, and rotation of available products from day 1, improving conversion, average order value, and customer satisfaction.

Personalize every touchpoint

Omnichannel isn’t just a word. It’s a reality. More than ever, customers expect personalization across all touchpoints. 

Making your customers feel unique in all facets of the shopping experience is important: from awareness to purchase and loyalty phase. The best way to do that is to personalize the customer experience at every touch point throughout the shopper’s journey.

The role of AI in a personalization customer experience is essential. Wide Eyes provides the most cutting-edge AI technologies, based on image recognition and deep learning, for the Fashion Industry. Their personalization solutions that combine real-time behavioral data with visual AI, allow retailers to create personalized experiences across channels. From in-store to online, and even by social campaigns and emailings.



After reading this post, you realize that your customers need a plus of personzation. Well… It’s time to determine how your business should create personalized shopping experiences that really drive customer loyalty & sales. To do so, you’ll need a suite of innovative and smart personalization solutions powered by AI. Wanna talk?

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