AI-Powered Complete the Look Recommendations: How To Personalize Each Outfit Suggestion?

smart outfit recommendation system

AI Style Advisor | Unleashing the power of automatic outfit recommendation system

How to wear is one of the biggest challenges on the customer decision journey. However, Fashion retailers can resolve this pain by providing inspiring product recommendations, such as mix-and-match outfits. 

Providing outfit recommendations on PDPs like Zara, Macy’s, H&M or Asos, fashion retailers are opening new revenue channels and boosting upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Actually, in the market there are many innovative options to automate the outfit recommendation process; they are mostly solutions powered by Visual AI. So, the automatization of the outfit recommendation process is not a pain for fashion e-Commerces and marketplaces.

The main fashion retail challenges are: 

  • automatic complete the look suggestions without losing the brand’s DNA
  • make this expandable to the entire catalogue, that is, build accurate and smart outfit recommendations from any product
  • Personalize each complete the look suggestion to provide a more relevant shopping experience

71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.

Source: McKinsey Report


In this sense, Wide Eyes’ AI-Powered Style Advisor is the true solution that retailers need to be able to automatize and personalize the complete the look recommendation process and make this expandable to the entire catalogue.

How do you personalize outfit recommendations?

Personalization is one of the top trends to drive present-day fashion retail. Therefore, personalized recommendations are becoming a crucial aspect of fashion ecommerce. They provide a more tailored shopping experience for customers and can help drive sales and improve customer satisfaction. Showing relevant products for each customer is now the key to success.


AI-powered complete the look recommendation system for fashion ecommerce


Wide Eyes’ AI-powered Style Advisor generates complete recommended outfits when customers browse an individual product as an authentic personal shopper. This solution brings an instant, intuitive and visual discovery expandable to the entire catalogue. Additionally, by adding our AI’ Style Advisor, retailers can deliver mix-and-match options, complete the look aligned with a product style and contextual and situational behavior. A new revolutionary way to personalize every outfit suggestion.

In a highly competitive ecommerce market a “complete the look recommendations” feature can make fashion e-shops stand out. As such, personalized outfit suggestions play a critical role in the fashion e-Commerce industry.

By investing in AI-powered tools like Wide Eyes’ Style Advisor, retailers can provide a more personalized shopping experience, maximise conversion, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Wanna talk? 

Or even better, if you plan to go to MWC Barcelona (from February 27th to March 2nd), join us to immerse yourself and interact with the power of the AI-powered outfit recommendation system. A revolutionary way to add personalization in each suggestion.

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